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backup camera safetyAccess 1 Alarm and Audio believes safety is paramount in today's fast paced society and understands that even a quick distraction could have a fatal consequence.
Not only specializing in the integration of rear backup camera systems, we offer front camera systems, night vision, and park assist sensors.

Every year thousands of kids are killed or injured accidentally while vehicles are backing up*. Most of these accidents could have been avoided with the integration of a backup camera or backup sensors. Access 1 Alarm and Audio offers a large variety of integration's for every vehicle out there and within your budget, from the factory style option of displaying the front or rear image on your navigation system to a rear view camera system that is displayed in your rear view mirror.

Access 1 Alarm and Audio offers multiple types of cameras from the stealth camera located in the handle of a tailgate to a license plate framed camera.


Unfortunately with today’s large SUV’s and other large vehicle types, blind spots are not just limited to backing up. Access 1 Alarm and Audio offers front camera integration's for the front of the vehicle also.

Multiple layers offer you the best protection of not becoming a statistic. Camera systems coupled with parking sensors offer you 2 layers of safety and security. Our parking sensors sense objects up to 7’ away from the vehicle and project an audible alert as you are approaching it.We further offer a reverse camera that senses obstacles such as humans, animal, and objects and highlights the obstacle on your screen while audibly alerting you.

For more information on backup sensors please visit our backup sensor page Read More

To view some of our backup camera integration's please visit the Photo Gallery View Gallery

*We support the efforts of Kids and Cars, please visit their website for more information and to offer your support

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