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Viper content theft protection

Protect yourself from the growing threat of vehicle content and component theft, and receive up to a $2,500 reimbursement if your car, personal possessions or vehicle components are ever stolen within 3 years from the purchase date. The Viper Content Theft Protection Plan provides powerful, comprehensive and guaranteed security and anti-theft protection for your vehicle, personal property and vehicle components.

Starting at $99.99 Professionally Installed


Viper CTP PlanHave our professionally trained technicians install the CTP module on your new vehicle that has a factory security system or purchase a CTP Plan with a newly purchased installed Viper security system. When used with a new vehicle with a factory security system the CTP module ($199.99) integrates to the factory security system and adds the benefit of a shock and impact sensor to your vehicle along with a red flashing LED warning light to indicate that the vehicle is protected. When paired with a Viper security system the only thing needed is the CTP plan ($99.99) as all of our professionally installed Viper security systems come loaded with shock sensor, door trigger, starter kill and a siren.


CTP Protection pays you and not your insurance company! Yes, you read that correctly. Submit a police report listing the damage or stolen property along with the receipt from us showing the installation and Viper will cut you a check for up to $2500. The CTP plan is a 3-year 1-time use plan provided by Viper. See the Terms and Conditions link at the bottom of the article for further details.

So What Does The CTP Plan Exactly Cover?

Viper Theft Protection

Protect Your Vehicle
A comprehensive security system arms your car, truck or SUV with superior anti-theft protection loaded with convenience features

Viper Theft Protection

Protect Your Possessions
Thieves target items such as laptops, tablets, cellphones, purses, wallets, sunglasses, briefcases, sports equipment and store purchases

Viper Theft Protection

Protect Your Components
Thieves target catalytic converters, air bags, sound system components, wheels, spare tires and more.

Viper Theft Protection

Protect Against Vandalism
System identification window labels and flashing lights clearly notify those who look to cause senseless damage to keep away

Protect it all, and keep your vehicle and property safe.

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