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Mercedes-Benz Remote Start


Start your Land Rover or Range Rover luxury SUV remotely!


Access 1 Alarm and Audio can professionally integrate a remote starter to your vehicle! Offering several options to control the remote starter from utilizing a simple one button remote control to the utilization of the Viper SmartStart module for unlimited range.

Cleveland Ohio source for Vehicle Night Vision FLIR Camera Integrations


Access 1 Alarm and Audio offers several solutions for night vision for your vehicle. From standalone camera systems that have a separate display to integrating the image on your navigation screen we have a solution.

night vision FLIR deer

Our most common camera is the FLIR thermal imaging system, bringing you the same technology to your vehicle as our military and Law Enforcement agencies utilize, such as aerial drones and stealth aircraft to vehicle mounted units on the HUMVEE’s and police SWAT vehicles. These units are designed to provide the user the ability to see in the night when there is no or limited lighting conditions.

Other options is the use of an infrared camera, however the optics are nowhere as near the quality of the FLIR thermal imaging camera and is susceptible to wash out from oncoming lights. Most infrared cameras need a separate infrared illuminator to provide light for the camera to operate whereas the FLIR camera does not.


Sirius XM

Cleveland, Ohio’s Sirius XM Connection For your vehicle


Access 1 Alarm and Audio has a SiriusXM solution for every vehicle, bringing you nonstop music and entertainment to your vehicle. From the simple add on to the integrated systems that looks and operates as if it was a factory option. With an optional home accessory kit, you can take it with you to your home or office and continue receiving your favorite station.

Key Replacement - Locksmith Services

Cleveland, Ohio's First Choice for the Finest Locksmith Services


e&a_locksmithDo you have a lost key, locked out of your vehicle, or have a broken remote control? Access 1 Alarm and Audio has the situation under control. Access 1’s sister company, E&A Locksmith, is a 24/7 emergency roadside service locksmith company that has multiple mobile units and a store front right next door to us specializing in vehicle and residential locksmith services.

E&A has been in business for over 35 years servicing the Cleveland area and the surrounding communities. Their ability to come to your location and open your door, make and program a key, and install high security residential locks, ensures that you are in capable hands.

E&A is a member of the Associated Locksmiths of America and is AAA approved. Servicing the major insurance companies and automotive dealerships from Columbus to Cleveland, E&A Locksmith’s reputation is second to none.


Call today (216) 252-5397 or visit E&A at 10500 Lorain Avenue, Cleveland, Ohio 44111



Cleveland Ohio’s HID Lighting Specialists And Source For Quality Kits

We all have seen the newer vehicles with the bright driving lights that seem to light everything up in front of their vehicle while you are driving around with your bright lights on or just driving around unable to see clearly in front of you. Either way it is unsafe and modern technology has a solution for you called HID or Bi-Xenon lighting. Basically it is a high intensity dispersion of light projected forward like your factory headlights, but at a brighter more focused beam.

Cleveland, Ohio Quality Performance Tuning For Your Vehicle

performance header mercedesAccess 1 Alarm and Audio has the professional know how and ability to quench your thirst for power, performance, and style when it comes to tuning your vehicle or enhancing its looks. With quality products utilized from Kleemann, Brabus, Lorinser, RENNtech, AC Schnitzer, and Overfinch, you can be assured that only the best is being used on your vehicle.


iPod Integration to your vehicle

When it comes to iPod integration, Access 1 Alarm and Audio has a solution for every vehicle on the market. From the simplistic external controller to the vehicle specific integration kit that allows you to interface with the factory radio as if the unit came standard with the vehicle.

We understand the convenience that portable music offers with the ability to take it anywhere such as home and office, and that the iPod or iPhone is the most popular quality portable media player on the market, it would be only right to have it stream through your vehicles audio system. At Access 1 Alarm and Audio we have that ability along with the expertise to outfit your vehicle with the perfect solution.

Some of our kits have the added benefit of Bluetooth Audio or A2DP music streaming, giving you control of your iPod/iPhone’s music without taking it out of your pocket, some even offer charging while it is connected to the vehicle.


iPod External Controller

Starting at $229.99, these kits allow you to integrate your iPod/iPhone to your vehicles radio while providing a separate visual display, remote controller, and Bluetooth phone capability

parrot ipod

Radio Replacement Upgrade

Starting at $70 for a basic radio to the ultimate full blown touchscreen navigation multimedia radios, sometimes this is this least expensive option or the best depending on the vehicle. We offer iPod/iPhone capable radios from Sony, Kenwood, and Alpine.

alpine ipod solutions



Black Box Solutions

Black box solutions are both vehicle and radio specific integration devices that allow your factory radio to play and control the iPod or iPhone. Such as our Porsche iPod integration solution which allows for the Porsche radio to emulate the iPod controls as if it was a CD Changer.

For those that were born after 1995, a CD changer is a device that plays back multiple CD discs which are shaped like an Xbox/PlayStation game disk but only have music on it.

black box solutions


There comes a time when your vehicles radio isn’t cutting it anymore, either it is broken or technology has passed it up and the idea of throwing several thousands of dollars at an antique is not an option.

But what to do, as even a refurbished Mercedes-Benz radio is $4,000.00? In the past the only option was to replace the whole entire system COMAND navigation, amplifier, and speakers. Not true today with the implementation of the OPTI-1. The OPTI-1 allows for the factory radio to be replaced with an aftermarket radio allowing you to retain the integrity of the factory optical system, including the audio gateway (AGW), amplifier, and speakers while adding a modern day navigation system or multimedia radio.

durango lights backup

Dodge Durango Backup Camera Integration


Replacement Remote Controls for Your Alarm or Remote Start

remote web article

Lost your factory or aftermarket remote control to your vehicle? Access 1 Alarm and Audio stocks most factory and aftermarket remote controls. Access 1 offers replacement remote controls for most of the major aftermarket security, remote start or keyless entry systems including factory key fobs for all make and model vehicles.


remote brandsDid you purchase your new vehicle with only one remote control and/or key? Our expert locksmith technicians can replace or add factory remote controls to your vehicle including cutting new keys. We stock all the remote controls for most brands including FORD, CHRYSLER, CHEVY, JEEP, LINCOLN, MERCEDES-BENZ, PORSCHE, AUDI, VW, CADILLAC, PONTIAC, BUICK, GMC, SAAB, LAND ROVER, RANGE ROVER, NISSAN, HONDA, ACURA, INFINITI, and many more. 

If you purchased a pre-owned vehicle from auction or a used car dealership, sometimes all the keys are not collected from the prior owner, and with today's GPS technology they could return to their vehicle utilizing their factory key and gain access to it without setting off the factory alarm. We can delete all of the transmitters and relearn new transmitters to the vehicle ensuring your new vehicle stays yours.  

Sometimes a vehicle is purchased with an aftermarket security or remote start system already installed but you do not have the remotes. Let our expert technicians diagnose which system you have and if it is salvageable.





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