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Jeep TrackHawk
This is how you keep your new Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk with 707 HP from getting ticketed every time you drive it! A professionally installed AL Priority laser jammer partnered with an Escort MAX360 radar detector.

Complete 360 degree radar detection from Escort with front and rear laser jammers from AL Priority.

This Jeep Grand Cherokee TrackHawk was equipped with the new Escort MAX360 portable radar detector that was hardwired with the remote mute controller along with 5 laser jammers from Al Priority (3 front - 2 rear) which features the Hi-Fi voice module and Bluetooth controller integration.

The Escort 360MAX was chosen for its great front and rear radar detection ability and the GPS feature that will inform the driver of approaching speed cameras, traffic cameras and speed traps. The automatic rejection of false alarms is also a huge factor when deciding which radar detector is best for the vehicle. The auto rejection utilizes the GPS antenna and when you travel by the same false alarm 3x, the Escort will automatically mark it as a false alarm and you don't have to do anything but focus on your driving!

The AL Priority was chosen simply because it is the best laser jammer on the market!

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