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Apple CarPlay Range Rover Land Rover
Add wireless Apple CarPlay or wired Android Auto to your Land Rover or Range Rover factory radio screen with the look and feel as if it came from the factory. No more dash clutter with added adapters, this system is completely transparent and utilizes the factory touchscreen and steering wheel controls.


Price: $999.95 Professionally Installed

3-Year Warranty Available



No longer will you need to complain that your vehicle doesn't have the capability to display Apple CarPlay or Android Auto on your factory screen. This system integrates seamlessly with your factory audio system and allows you to utilize the factory steering wheel controls, factory microphone and the factory touchscreen.


With the Rover CarPlay - Android Auto kit you get:


  • Wireless Apple CarPlay no wired cords needed.
  • Android Auto capability wired but some model phones allow wireless.
  • Factory Functionality use your factory steering wheel and radio controls.
  • True Sound Quality. The Rover CarPlay kit preserves the audio quality intended without the use of FM modulators.
  • Eliminated Clutter. The CarPlay Rover kit doesn’t have a bunch of wires going everywhere, no added brackets to add to your dash and nothing to plug into your cigarette lighter.
  • Factory Appearance. Our professionally installed system uses the OEM touchscreen and factory microphone.
  • 1-Year Warranty with 3-Year Warranty Available.
  • Hey Siri! Works as if Apple themselves designed it (technically they did).


Covers newer Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles 2012 and up. Stop in or call so we can see if your vehicle meets the qualifications for this upgrade.



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