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Alpine S-DB8V-TRK

Add deep, accurate bass in your truck without compromising valuable cabin space with Alpine's Dual 8” Halo S-Series Preloaded Truck Subwoofer Enclosure with ProLink connector for a complete professional OEM look.

Starting at $699.95


  • Groundbreaking Alpine Halo Design
  • ProLink™ Ported Enclosure
  • Expandable Width from 40" to 51"
  • Compact, Under-the-Seat Installation in Most Full-Size Trucks
  • Integrated Amplifier Tray (not applicable with all vehicles)
  • Rubber, Modular Stackable Foot Design Accommodates Uneven Truck Floor Areas
  • Ported Enclosures with High-Performance S-Series Subwoofers
  • Front Link Alpine Branded Bracket
  • Side-Firing Cabin Loading Ports
  • Premium Alpine Wire Terminals
  • Twist-Lock Grille Mount System
  • Premium Black Carpet 



From towing to travel, you depend on your truck to get you where you want to go, but can you rely on getting the best performance from your sound system? Now you can add deep, accurate bass in your truck without compromising valuable cabin space with the new S-DB8V-TRK Dual 8” Alpine Halo S-Series Preloaded Truck Subwoofer Enclosure with ProLink

alpine DB8V-TRK S-A60M

The enclosures were intentionally crafted to fit most full-size trucks. Two 8” subwoofers are preloaded into a compact enclosure for under the seat installation and linked with a ProLink™ bracket that can adjust from 51”-40”. Centered on the enclosures is an integrated amplifier mount tray that’s optimized for Alpine’s S-A60M Mono Power Amplifier (sold separately). Rubber “feet” are adjustable in height to accommodate uneven truck floors.

alpine db8v-trk side port Cleveland Ohio


The enclosures are designed for the unique cabin environment of your truck. The ported subwoofer enclosures feature Alpine’s reliable 8” S-Series Subwoofers. The subwoofers are designed with an improved voice coil that brings out the full potential of the subwoofer. The custom-stamped steel frame is designed to withstand the rigors of the strong S-Series motor. Frame leg vents, as well as a vented backplate, keep the subwoofer cool for non-stop bass performance. 

alpine db8v-trk HALO Cleveland Ohio

Alpine’s new Preloaded Truck Subwoofer Enclosures join the Alpine Halo Family with a premium, unmistakable design. The enclosure pulls design cues from the Alpine Halo Display with unique, curved edges outlined by a silver trim and a front link bracket cover with an Alpine logo badge. The 5/8” MDF enclosures are covered in a premium black carpet that will elevate the look of your truck.

DB8V-TRK-S-WOOFER Cleveland Ohio


With two preloaded S-W8D2 8” S-Series subwoofers that are tuned to 36Hz, S-DB8V-TRK is optimized to perform with Alpine’s S-Series sound system line. Dual voice coils are wired in Parallel for a 2Ω Load that’s compatible with Alpine’s S-Series S-A60M Mono Power Amplifier.

Contact Access 1 Alarm & Audio to see how we can outfit your vehicle with the new Alpine Halo Audio System

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