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ESCORT MAX 360C Portable WiFi Radar Detector

Brand: Escort Radar
Product Code: MAX360C
Availability: 5
Weight: 1.00lb
Dimensions: 5.15in x 3.25in x 1.38in
UPC: 737795203711
MPN: 0100037-1

Price: $649.99

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Don't let your cord dangle! These hardwire cords incorporate your detector with no cords showing.

The ESCORT MAX 360c is the first driver alert system designed for the connected car. When paired directly to the car’s WiFi (2.4GHz only), the MAX 360c automatically connects to ESCORT Live® without the need for a smartphone. Through the ESCORT Live app users are connected to 3.5 million registered users who generate over 8 million alerts per month.

In addition to the ESCORT Live community, the MAX 360c can be updated to the latest software and firmware over the air when connected to a WiFi network, eliminating the need to remove the detector from the car.

The ESCORT MAX 360c offers true 360 degree protection against all ticket threats out there today. Its front and rear dual antennae design offers pinpoint precision. Multi-directional arrows indicate the direction of the threat and ESCORT’s patented GPS-based AutoLearn technology, combined with IVT filtering reduces false alerts.

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