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Blackvue DR900S-2CH 4K Ultra HD DVR Camera

Simply the best DVR camera in the world! Need a reliable witness to an accident or a Police encounter? Then this is the unit for you! Don't be fooled by the cheap imitations that don't work.


ESCORT MAX 360C Portable WiFi Radar Detector

Drive confidently and securely with this Wi-Fi enabled Escort Max radar and laser detector. It works with the Escort Live app for real-time information on your location's current speed limit and reported traffic incidents.


ESCORT MAX CI PLATFORM Custom Installed Detector

What radar detector? This custom installed radar detector offers the detection of the MAX360 but without a detector hanging on your window. Comes with a 1-year speeding ticket guarantee and a 3-year warranty?


AL Priority Anti-Laser Defense System

NEVER get a laser ticket again! Only the BEST laser jammer in the world for your vehicle! The AL Priority is the ONLY laser jamming system on the market that will defeat ALL police laser guns in use across the United States and Canada.


ESCORT MAX Ci 360 Custom Installed Radar Laser Defense System

A GREAT "All-In-One" Custom Installed System! This custom installed radar detector offers front and rear radar detection and front and rear laser jamming. Comes with a 1-year speeding ticket guarantee and a 3-year warranty


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